Sunday, June 1, 2008


If you read the previous posts you may be wondering "what's for mama?" I found this cute little dress at Kohls for only $17. The original price was $59. It will be great for date night, dinner parties, showers, and even church. I can wear it with black strappy sandals, red wedges, or pink kitten heels. I can do classic silver jewelery, red beads, or pearls. It can be worn with a white, red, pink, or black cami underneath. In the winter I can add a cardigan, tights, and boots. What a deal! All of which I already have, less the boots since they finally kicked it (no pun intended) this past season.


I found these little speakers for an Ipod or mp3 player for only $7.99. They'll be great in the studio for when I'm working on monogrammed items and also in the guest room so that our visitors can plug in their own music and feel at home.

Life is Good

We like the Life is Good brand around here. I happened upon this shirt for Mr. Bargainista and it was perfect as he loves hiking and backpacking. It was only $9.99. LIG t-shirts are normally around $30.

Hubs also scored a great kelly green golf shirt (brand new) for about $9 and some gently used dress shoes for $12. I'd show you a picture but I'm currently not sure what he did with the goods.

Clothing Teens

The Bargainista has suffered from my busy-ness lately but recently I've had a shopping spree I knew I had to share.

I had to purchase some necessities for a fourteen year old boy--YIKES! With only athletic clothes and jeans he needed some nicer summer shorts and also some items for our beach trip to Hilton Head this month. I think we did rather well. We hit a gently used clothing store which proved to be a big success as well as a few faithful big box stores such as Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy.

Khaki Shorts $15
Total $15

Old Navy
2 t-shirts at $6.99 each
2 flip flops $2.50 each
1 swimsuit $15
I had two $10 off coupons
Total: $15

Relic Sunglasses $14
Total: $14

TJ Maxx
Unionbay Pinstripe Shorts $18
Total: $18

Resale Shop
Hollister long sleeve shirt $14
2 Abercrombie Polo Shirts $10 each
American Eagle Seersucker shorts $10
PacSun Swimsuit $7 (never worn and currently in the store for $45)
We had a coupons.
Total: $30

Grand Total: $92

Also a previous trip to Target and Old Navy we purchased a polo shirt, khaki pants, boxers, and under shirts for about $35.

This makes the entire mini shopping spree $127. Not too shabby!