Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Flops for the whole family

Our favorite outlet wearhouse had a great shipment of summer flops and we took advantage.
For Me:

Both J. Crew flip flops, one are gold beaded (shown left) and the other pink suede leather ( I could only find a picture in brown but the pink are oh so pretty!). Only $6.99 each.

J. Crew flip flops for Mr. Bargainista too. Only $6.99

For Bargainista Teen: Vans cotton vintage flip flops $6,99, Vans Pasticish flip flops $3.00, and Nike Sandals (ugh I hate these but whatever he likes, right?) $16.99.

Friday, May 1, 2009

BCBG Shoes

I found the above BCBG shoes in RED which are perfect for a cocktail dress for a party I'm attending. They were at a consignment store and were 70% off. My total price was only $6.90 plus tax.

What a deal! I have dozens of things I can wear them with in addition to the dress. When can you not wear red shoes?