Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Cards (with family photo!)

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards with a photo on them. I take my family's picture in October and begin shopping sites for the best deals. I've typically found the best deals to the first week of November, althought this year they didn't blow me away and I've continued to search for online discounts. I always shop around (of course I do!) I always purchase from Shutterfly. They consistently have great promotions, high quality products, and their customer service is amazing (I've bought tons from them, more on that later) This will be the sixth year I've purchased my cards from Shutterfly.

So, without further ado, I'd like to share my top picks this year, although I've not decided which I'm choosing yet.

I think this card is fabulous! I love the black and white photo with traditional Christmas colors over it. It's elegant and simple but has a bit of flair. A black and white photo is great for hiding a multitude of photo sins, shade the background, or give a cohesive look to non-coordinating outfits (teenagers anyone?)

This card is totally adorable! I love the design with the traditional colors. I typically don't choose multi-photo cards but I have a unique I idea year. It's BargainistaTeen is a senior and we did great senior photos last summer. Also we also put BargainistaPooch in the pictures. Since neither of them care to be photographed or tend to be very cooperative I could use each of them in their own space (we do have other cute pics of BargainistaPooch) and a picture of Mr. Bargainista and I in the remaining space. Could be cute!

I looooooove this card too! The family session we had a few weeks ago did yield one good picture. We wore bright colors that coordinate fabulously with this card. A definite possibility!

Anyone who knows me and has ever visited my site knows I love monograms! This card is so fabulous because it has a monogram! Adorable! Plus I could use our family portrait, the senior picture, a picture of the husband and I, a picture of the pooch, and another fun shot of us at a sporting event this year!

In addition to Shutterfly's great 4x8 cards and 5x7 cards, I'm a huge fan of their photo books and have about a dozen from many different occasions. Shutterfly's site is extremely user friendly to make all of their products. If you purchase cards or anything else, link back and let me know what you got!

Disclaimer: Shutterfly gave me 50 free Christmas cards to write this post. The thoughts, opinions, and love for Shutterfly are all my own!