Friday, August 29, 2008

Clinique Bonus Time at Belk

For a purchase of 21.50 this little goody bag can be yours! Gift includes:
Duo Eyeshadow
Face Wash

(Believe it or not Bargainistas.....I'm actually passing on this one.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Brownies were ten for $10 at my Kroger this week. Woohoo! I bought six of them and am wondering why I didn't just go for the ten. Brownies in this house are a staple much like milk and bread.

So where do I keep all these extras since I have no real pantry and my cabinets have to double as that?

In here:

Remember these?

7 Dresses

I'm leaving for the seaside next month and have been craving a new dress. I checked out Target, TJ Maxx, and Ross. I hit the motherload at Ross with three dresses and thus decided to check out another Ross in town where I found four more dresses. I just grabbed them all and brought them home to try on and contemplate. I loathe trying on dresses at stores and like to see them at home with my shoes and accessories.

Mark this down as a day in history because never, everevereverever, has everything I've just picked up actually fit me. However each of these dresses fit me fabulously. The grand total for all of the dresses was only $75 (for seven dresses!!) so for that price I should keep them all. I mostly only wear dresses in warm weather anyway because they're just so pretty and feminine. Of course that's just not practical or feasible as summer is nearly over and some are only fun dresses and cannot be worn for church or work thus making it less appealing. So I'm going to narrow down the selection to just three, um, or maybe four.

I realize these are crappy pictures taken quickly with my phone but you can kinda see them since I got a shot from both angles. I'll be sure to post the ones I decide on in better pictures. Currently I'm thinking the white with purple flowers, the brown with teal and purple, and the turquoise on the end for sure. But the solid white and bright blue and yellow are big contenders as well. The turquoise in the middle and the bright flowered ones are my least faves.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cute little bin

I got this cute little bin at a garage sale last weekend for a mere fifty cents. Can you believe it? Isn't it darling?

I had several ideas for this little container: it would work in two of the three bathrooms with extra toiletires, toilet paper, wash clothes, etc; it would work in the living area of the great room with cute decorative rattan balls or pinecones, perhaps even a candle; it would work in my sewing room to keep incidentals looking tidy; and it could even work in an offiice space for envelopes and such a few small jars inside for pencils, etc.

However after all that thought I eneded up putting it in the kitchen. Seems te kitchen table is a dumping ground. Mail, school papers, correspondence, camera, receipts, tape from packing an item, etc. Now it can all go in this little bin to keep the "pile" small and manageable.

I've warned my boys that when it gets too full I'll start tossing so they'd better not leave anything "important" in there for too long.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Deals at Target

The cereal gods were smiling on me as I made a quick run to the pharmacy at my local Target. Check this out:

The preschooler in my loves (loves!) Cinnamon Toast Crunch and my boys (and maybe me a little bit) love Lucky Charms. We often by Kroger varieties of these cereals but this is the real mccoy and in a huge double box.

The price?

It's not super clear but that says $2.48. I GOT TWO HUGE BOXES OF TWO BRAND NAME CEREALS FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS AND FORTY EIGHT CENTS! There were only five left and I bought two of them. I could kick myself for not getting them all, but I suppose I should let this little deal make the day of someone else as it did me.

Then there was this little ditty on an end cap near the pharmacy:

This package includes three venus razors and a small shaving cream. The price?

Four dollars and fifty four cents. Pretty good considering a four pack of the razor cartridges is $9.00. I bought two of these and am currently pondering going to pick up a few more.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been itching for some of the cute patterned filing folders that are becoming widely mainstream lately. However I'm far to thrifty to pay for them when I have dozens of the file folders at home.

Soooooooooooooooo....I had the great idea to make my own and I had all of the supplies on hand.
Folders: check
Pretty scrapbook paper: check
Decopage: check
Finished Product
This may not be the biggest bargain if you don't already have the items on hand as I did. However it does give you a custom and one of a kind look which is what I'm all about!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Silver Tray/Memo Board

I found this darling silver tray at an Estate Sale for only fifty cents. It was quite scratched up on the inside but it had great lines. With a little imagination I made it into a memo board using fabric leftover from a duvet I made and a little decopage. I'm going to monogram buttons and put magnets on the bag to hold up the notes, etc.

Before and After
It looks charming on the wall and so elegant and custom made with the matching duvet in the same room.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Converse Sneakers

I found these darling little sneakers at Target for only $6.24. The original price was $29.99. They're kids converse sneackers but it just so happens I can wear a five and a half in kids! Usually I can wear a six but these are made a bit large. Bargainista Note: a 6 in girls is often an 8 in womens!