Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cute little bin

I got this cute little bin at a garage sale last weekend for a mere fifty cents. Can you believe it? Isn't it darling?

I had several ideas for this little container: it would work in two of the three bathrooms with extra toiletires, toilet paper, wash clothes, etc; it would work in the living area of the great room with cute decorative rattan balls or pinecones, perhaps even a candle; it would work in my sewing room to keep incidentals looking tidy; and it could even work in an offiice space for envelopes and such a few small jars inside for pencils, etc.

However after all that thought I eneded up putting it in the kitchen. Seems te kitchen table is a dumping ground. Mail, school papers, correspondence, camera, receipts, tape from packing an item, etc. Now it can all go in this little bin to keep the "pile" small and manageable.

I've warned my boys that when it gets too full I'll start tossing so they'd better not leave anything "important" in there for too long.

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