Monday, August 25, 2008

Deals at Target

The cereal gods were smiling on me as I made a quick run to the pharmacy at my local Target. Check this out:

The preschooler in my loves (loves!) Cinnamon Toast Crunch and my boys (and maybe me a little bit) love Lucky Charms. We often by Kroger varieties of these cereals but this is the real mccoy and in a huge double box.

The price?

It's not super clear but that says $2.48. I GOT TWO HUGE BOXES OF TWO BRAND NAME CEREALS FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS AND FORTY EIGHT CENTS! There were only five left and I bought two of them. I could kick myself for not getting them all, but I suppose I should let this little deal make the day of someone else as it did me.

Then there was this little ditty on an end cap near the pharmacy:

This package includes three venus razors and a small shaving cream. The price?

Four dollars and fifty four cents. Pretty good considering a four pack of the razor cartridges is $9.00. I bought two of these and am currently pondering going to pick up a few more.

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Kas said...

Oh how I love those little orange stickers at Target! :D