Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ralph Lauren Jacket

I can cross another item off of my shopping list sidebar!

Let me preface this post saying that I've been trying really hard to save some cash because 1) I want a new embroidery machine, 2) I like to save money, 3) I have to find a new "Kentucky Derby" outfit complete with hat for a garden party Mr. Bargainista and I are attending in May, 4) I like to save money, 5) a rainy day fund.

However, I found yet another irresistible bargain. I began searching last fall for an "in-between" type jacket. I have blazers, fleeces, and then big peacoats or parkas. I had imagined a chocolate color, quilted type jacket. What I found was even better (excuse the pics with cell phone):

This little jacket is even better than what I imagined. The khaki color is light enough for spring, but dark enough for fall. I's quilted, has cute details with the bronzed buttons, and a very cute blazer-like tailoring in the back.
This jacket is by Ralph Lauren and the original price was $120, but I paid only $35 (including tax). Nothing feels as good as the high from such a bargain!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

L.L Bean Vest (the "Hers" edition)

Since Mr. Bargainista and I are going backpacking I decided I needed a fleece vest. It's been on my list but I marked it off when I received the brown down vest for Christmas (see sidebar). I really like Mr. Bargainista's L.L. Bean vest that is fleece lined with a wind resistant outside. I decided to look for one of my own and found this on ebay:

It's a reddish color with a cool orangish inside. It was only $18 with shipping which is fabulous compared to the L.L. Bean price of $69. However I will say that L.L. Bean has the best customer service ever and their products are top notch so paying full price comes with a great guarantee. Had I not been able to find what I wanted elsewhere, I'd have coughed up the dough and ordered from L.L. Bean. That's said I think my heart stopped that Mr. Bargainista paid full price for my down vest with the fur collar that he gave me for Christmas. I wear it all the time though, I love it! I think this vest will be fabulous as well. If I decide that I want a plain fleece vest later, L.L. Bean has a few great options for $30 and less.

We both own L.L. Bean luggage as well as an L.L. Bean backpack for pooch. We have a few of the boat and tote bags, too. I just love those! I have a medium open-top, and a large zip-top. We have a family open top that is great for roadtrips. They are super durable, machine washable, and always look pulled together.

Mr. Bargainista has a coat from there as well. When he needed the cuffs redone and we'd broken the zipper on a backpack, both were replaced free of charge. Our luggage (the adventure duffle collection, I also have the toiletry bag) are the most durable pieces we own and have survived perfect through many airports and plane rides where others have not. L.L. Bean was also ranked #2 in customer service by Business Week.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ribbon Ballet Flats

These ribbon ballet flats were on sale at Target for only $11.99. The original price was $15. Although it's not as much of a sale as The Bargainista is known for, they were going fast and I didn't want to miss out. It's still quite a good purchase for that price. I have two other pairs of ballet flats from Target (a sequined pair and a tweed pair) and they've been fabulous for two and three years. How cute will these be with my spring wardrobe?

If you like these, check your local Target for this and other styles. They were all on sale for $11.99 and had cute floral prints, metallic hues, and also a zebra print with red trim--darling!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Since promising Mr. Bargainista that I'd go backpacking with him this spring, he's been on the hunt for proper gear for me. I told him to be especially selective and well, cheap, since this trip may be my first and last time. I love the outdoors, but I don't get dirty and enjoy regular showers. My kind of camping is when you back the SUV up to the campsite and there is a bathhouse that has running water within walking distance. His idea is putting everything you need on your back and hiking out in the woods for five miles to pitch a tent. I digress.

Mr. Bargainista found me a great backpack on ebay for only $20 (plus shipping I think). It's not an easy task to find a backpack to fit my petite and curvy frame correctly, but this one should do the trick. I also love the super 1990's colors. Radical dude!

I'll keep you posted as he's on the prowl for a sleeping bag (mine's an old clunky one, see above about camping differences) and hiking boots (apparently my running shoes will not suffice for this trip).

Monday, February 18, 2008

In Need

Internets: I need a pair of black pumps; closed toe, closed heel, preferably not sling back, rather comfy with a heel.

I have a pair that make me cry real tears when I wear them. I wore them to an event recently and wanted to cry on the way home eventhough I wasn't on my feet that much. So, I must find new black pumps. Since purchasing these I should be set for spring but would like to have a back-up pair with the closed toe and heel, especially for fall.

Keep me posted on your good finds in the black pumps department.

New Goodies for the House

I found these great paisley (my favorite!) canvas bins without even looking and they will be a perfect accessory to the master bedroom, which is currently getting a mini-makeover. The blues and greens are the exact colors of the room and I was looking for a way to add a bit more green. I found these at Kohls. Original Price: $16.99/each. Clearance Price: $6.79/each.

Mr. Bargainista and I decided it was time for a new area rug in the den. The previous rug was a geometric print and we were going for a more rich and elegant look to the space. Also, the old rug wasn't the best quality. This rug is much better and the look and colors are perfect. You can't see it too well but the light blue in there work well with the other blue accents in the room. Otherwise it's shades of khaki and chocolate, just like the den. Of all places to find a great rug, we found this at Target. We'd purchased a rug there a couple of years ago because it was marked down to $30 (from $130) and it fit the space thinking if it didn't last long, it was only $30. However, it's been a great piece. This one feels just as great and will hopefully last for years to come. Original Price: $140. Clearance Price: $65.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A fabulous shopping weekend

Mr. Bargainista and I visited friends and family in WV last weekend and also a few of our favorite discount stores.

First was Gabe's, the large, warehouse-style, outlet that is a hit and miss. You never know what you're going to find. This trip I found:

Brown Guess Purse for $12.99

Gap T-shirts for $2.99, I also purchased a light pink one but was wearing it
Ann Taylor Trousers for $2.50. Wow! The price tag said $9.99 but they rang up $5.00 with 50% off. I, of course, didn't realize this until way after the fact or I'd have had to buy more, even in the same exact color and pattern. Look at the neat texture on them. Isn't it fabulous?
Mr. Bargainista lucked up too. His goodies were:
Trousers by The Gap for $3.50 each. They are all his normal size yet all need hemmed, in varying degrees. That's the beauty of this store. Most items are "irregular." However for $3.50 per pair, I can give them a quick hem. Excuse the poor picture, but the pants were all lying on the bed in myt studio waiting to be hemmed. He purchased three pair since he was trousers and chinos to work daily.
Mr. Bargainista also got a pair of fabulous Levi jeans for $16.99. No picture because he was wearing them and doing schoolwork in the office.
The Bargainista Pooch lucked up too. We found this great toy for him that is a tug-of-war style yet has tennis balls in the end and it squeaks. I'm hoping the overstimulation means he won't eat it.

He does like to toss it and catch it, hoping the balls or the squeaky gizmo will fall out. We bought him two of these for $1.98 each.

The next day we hit another hot spot, Value City. You may have these in your town, but unfortunately I don't. I used to buy all of my "school clothes" here in high school and was always outfitted in American Eagle and RL Polo, because they were like, um, so totally, like cool. Ya know?

I totally scored this trip!

A madras plaid dress: $14.99.

It's American Eagle which makes me feel a little teeny-bopper, but the dress looks very J. Crew, don't you think? It makes me think of a cottage on the seashore eating peeled shrimp. I can wear it with brown leather thongs for a casual look or dress it up with thonged heels in tan or my hot-pink, kitten-heeled sandals. Adding a denim jacket or blazer can take it into the evening or fall. Best of all? It I spill something on it, it will just blend right in! There will definately be a picture of Mr. Bargainista and I on the beach with me wearing this dress. I've picked out Mr. Bargainista's coordinating outfit too, but don't tell him.

I got this plum-colored turtleneck sweater by Ralph Lauren for $11.
Last for me was this total find of shoes! Liz Claiborne peep-toed sling backs for only $14.50. They are genuine leather and have great stitched detail. They were so fabulous I purchased them in black and brown. These will be great additons to my wardrobe and also and item I can cross off the side bar shopping list. These shoes will be work with dresses, suits, trousers, and perhaps jeans.
Mr. Bargainista found some goodies as well. A Polo fleece jacket for only $6.50 and a fleece best for $4.50 (not pictured because he was wearing it.)

I spent $85 this weekend. Considering the Ann Taylor trousers, Liz Claiborne shoes, or Guess bag each would have cost nearly that , I'd call this weekend a success!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clinique Bonus at Belk

Get a great Clinique bonus from your Belk department store when you spend just $21.50. I purchased a perfectly real compact. I was hoping to minimize my morning routine of liquid make-up followed by powder and this compact does just that. For dressier occasions you may still want to do both, but this will be perfect for summer when my skin has more of a glow.

The gift is a great bag, white with large lime green polka dots. It will definately be monogrammed, either in black, pink, turquoise or brown. Inside you get a loose powder that is purse sized. The patter on the outside is that of the bag, super cute. It also comes with a large puff for application. A mild liquid soap face wash, take of the day make-up remover, mascara, and lipstick in sugared maple are all included. I love all fo these products. the small face wash and mascara are perfect for my travel bag. I have a small version of the lipstick so I can now put it in my purse and use the larger in my morning make-up bag.

I do love free gifts, but I don't purchase to get them unless I need a product, and the free gift is a good one. In this case it was both. This is one of the better free gifts I've seen in quite some time. Hurry, go now!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cranberry Red Pashmina

I found this great pashmina at my favorite thirft store for only $2.49. I gave it a quick wash and have worn it with several outfit combinations. My favorite is dark denim jeans, a black scoop neck sweater, black ballet flats with a little bow, pearl earrings and bracelet, and the pashmina wrapped around my neck or knotted in the front. Same outfit with this brown sweater and these brown shoes is super cute as well. I have several dresses or skirts this will work for including an ensemble I'm wearing to a wedding this month.