Monday, February 11, 2008

A fabulous shopping weekend

Mr. Bargainista and I visited friends and family in WV last weekend and also a few of our favorite discount stores.

First was Gabe's, the large, warehouse-style, outlet that is a hit and miss. You never know what you're going to find. This trip I found:

Brown Guess Purse for $12.99

Gap T-shirts for $2.99, I also purchased a light pink one but was wearing it
Ann Taylor Trousers for $2.50. Wow! The price tag said $9.99 but they rang up $5.00 with 50% off. I, of course, didn't realize this until way after the fact or I'd have had to buy more, even in the same exact color and pattern. Look at the neat texture on them. Isn't it fabulous?
Mr. Bargainista lucked up too. His goodies were:
Trousers by The Gap for $3.50 each. They are all his normal size yet all need hemmed, in varying degrees. That's the beauty of this store. Most items are "irregular." However for $3.50 per pair, I can give them a quick hem. Excuse the poor picture, but the pants were all lying on the bed in myt studio waiting to be hemmed. He purchased three pair since he was trousers and chinos to work daily.
Mr. Bargainista also got a pair of fabulous Levi jeans for $16.99. No picture because he was wearing them and doing schoolwork in the office.
The Bargainista Pooch lucked up too. We found this great toy for him that is a tug-of-war style yet has tennis balls in the end and it squeaks. I'm hoping the overstimulation means he won't eat it.

He does like to toss it and catch it, hoping the balls or the squeaky gizmo will fall out. We bought him two of these for $1.98 each.

The next day we hit another hot spot, Value City. You may have these in your town, but unfortunately I don't. I used to buy all of my "school clothes" here in high school and was always outfitted in American Eagle and RL Polo, because they were like, um, so totally, like cool. Ya know?

I totally scored this trip!

A madras plaid dress: $14.99.

It's American Eagle which makes me feel a little teeny-bopper, but the dress looks very J. Crew, don't you think? It makes me think of a cottage on the seashore eating peeled shrimp. I can wear it with brown leather thongs for a casual look or dress it up with thonged heels in tan or my hot-pink, kitten-heeled sandals. Adding a denim jacket or blazer can take it into the evening or fall. Best of all? It I spill something on it, it will just blend right in! There will definately be a picture of Mr. Bargainista and I on the beach with me wearing this dress. I've picked out Mr. Bargainista's coordinating outfit too, but don't tell him.

I got this plum-colored turtleneck sweater by Ralph Lauren for $11.
Last for me was this total find of shoes! Liz Claiborne peep-toed sling backs for only $14.50. They are genuine leather and have great stitched detail. They were so fabulous I purchased them in black and brown. These will be great additons to my wardrobe and also and item I can cross off the side bar shopping list. These shoes will be work with dresses, suits, trousers, and perhaps jeans.
Mr. Bargainista found some goodies as well. A Polo fleece jacket for only $6.50 and a fleece best for $4.50 (not pictured because he was wearing it.)

I spent $85 this weekend. Considering the Ann Taylor trousers, Liz Claiborne shoes, or Guess bag each would have cost nearly that , I'd call this weekend a success!

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