Sunday, July 6, 2008

PB Baskets

My kitchen cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling so I have a shelf like area on top of them. I didn't like it empty so I decided to use it for decorative storage of items I didn't need or use often. However in the end it looked like storage for junk that I don't care about. This bothered me.

I still needed storage for my buffalo china teacups and sacuers, some buffet serving pieces, and extra silver. Pottery Barn came to my resuce with these fabulous lidded baskets. Lidded being the key as it helps protect my goodies from dust.

This is the medium Havana basket. You may also find it under Savanna(h?) in a lighter color.

Thankfully the baskets was more of the look I was going for! That combined with some cute wood bins fit nicely on the long wall of my kitchen. On the shorter walls I have large platters propped up as well as a soup tureen and a cake done. It looks tres chic if I say so myself. I get to display some great pieces and also have easy access for using them.