Thursday, November 29, 2007


Mr. Bargainista and I had been looking for new dishes for a few months. Ok, I had been look for new dishes for a few months. We'd found dishes we liked on a whim at World Market and decided to do a bit of research. Mr. Bargainista wanted dishes that would stand more upright in the dishwasher as our current dishes were a quite concave. I just wanted pretty, new, white, slightly ornate yet elegant and classy dishes.

After plenty of search and debate Mr. Bargainista was faced with the face that i simply cannot make decisions and the idea was put on hold.

Our favorites until that point were the Nantucket from World Market (the original dish that started the debate), Emma from Pottery Barn, Buffalo China from Williams-Sonoma, and Everyday White from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Until (oh until!) my darling Bargainista Friend S found the most perfect dish ever at the Pottery Barn Outlet. It is a version of the Emma dish, only made for the outlet. I've decided to call it Ella. Ella was a true white, unlike Emma's creamy color which was the great cause for debate over it. It was also less expensive than Emma. Oh, and it was also discounted 40%. And oh my goodness as if it couldn't get any better she had a coupon and the total price for 12 place settings including 2 serving bowls was only $140!

For that price I've decided I'll probably need extra place settings, you know, for back-up. But shhh!, don't tell Mr. Bargainista!

Here they are, feel free to drool on them, I have a napkin.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Black Friday Deal)

Kassie found a great deal on this KitchenAid Stand Mixer at Amazon. The regular price was $349.99 and she snagged it for only $179.99. Or rather, her mom snagged it, but it was for her so it totally counts. She chose the empire red, isn't it pretty?

I'm a big fan of KitchenAid. I have the same stand mixer in onyx black and I love it. Really, I love it. No really, I love it! I have several attachments and accessories for it as well and hope to get the ice cream maker next. Oh, and an extra bowl, I really need that.

In addition to the stand mixer I also have the the seven cup (with three cup mini bowl) food processor (in black) which is fabulous. It's great as an extra mixer if necessary and makes it easy to whip up great little salad like chicken salad or coleslaw. You can get great accessories for the food processor to make it so much more than a food processor! I hope to collect the dough blade and some more discs. Can you tell I like to be in the kitchen?

Other KitchenAid accessories include my knives and utensils (again, all in black.) KitchenAid makes for a great product so if you can ever find a sale, it's very much worth it. The sales will probably be more expensive than other brands, but the quality you get is far better and will last longer.

On a side note, KitchenAid did not pay me to virtually make-out with them, I just really love the stuff!

(Thanks Kassie for being a Bargainista!)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Damage Hath Been Done

Shopping concludes!

Scrapbook totes for 50% off--as low as $35 at AC Moore and Jo-Ann. I didn't purchase since I don't really travel to scrapbook, but putting all the goods in a tote would clear up desk drawers.

Tool Bags at The Home Depot for $10. Also a 3-pack of LED flashlights for $5. Several power tools on sale for a good deal, all of which Mr. Bargainista already owns so no scores there.

Old Navy had women's jeans for only $15. The nice dark washed kind too. All sorts of sweaters and things were rather cute and $30 or less.

Belk had an amazing home selection that everyone needs to check out. Lots of good deals available and a coupon in the ad for an extra $25 off of a $75 purchase--including sale items!

Target had these shirts for $6--shelves and shelves of them. Also there were way cute sweaters (the layering kind) for $15, cute and cuddly pajama sets for $12, faux pashmina wraps for $8, and fuzzy fleece robes for $10. Go buy those and then let me monogram them for you for a great gift!

There are an abundance of deals on outerwear everywhere you go. Whether you're looking for store brand products for labels such as The North Face and Columbia, you can find great sales. However, I'm not sure you can't wait and get those later either as they'll be more of a sale after Christmas if you can hold out with gift cards.

Email me to tell me all about your goodies and we'll do a Black Friday Shopping Extravaganza post for all to relish in. Pictures would be great as well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday

Black Friday is a mere two days away. Stores practically open no sooner than the turkey is in the fridge. I know you fabulous bargainistas will be shopping away for great deals. Come back here to tell us about them and we'll do a whole Black Friday Bargainista post next week and relish in your fabulous finds!

Here are some sites to help you make a great plan of attack:


Friday, November 16, 2007

Clinique Goodies

Fellow bargainistas--I'm afraid I've mislead you. My local Clinique in the Belk store was having a special promotional gift because it was the Grand Opening celebration. The Belk in my local mall recently did a great deal of expansion including doubling the retail space. Now that the project has been completion, they're celebrating a grand opening. It wasn't too shabby either since I was wined and dined with cheese, shrimp cocktail, and champagne (among other goodies they had).

The gift came at a great time as I needed liquid foundation, concealer, loose powder, and touch base. Even after my bunco winnings I only have one lonely little dollar in my wallet. However, I did get this fabulous free gift in addition to my needed necessities:

The tall bag has handles and a zipper. It's large enough for full sized bottles of shampoo. It's great for suitcases in case your products leak. The bag was filled with lots of goodies including moisturizer, liquid facial soap, make-up remover, happy perfume, lip gloss, and mascara. In addition to all of the above, I got the cute little silver travel bag. It has three zipper pockets and folds up with hook and loop fastener. Snazzy!
I love the small goodies for my overnight bag. I keep a small cosmetic and toiletry bag packed in a my go-to overnight bag so all I have to add are clothes. It's quite handy. My toiletry bag consists of the staples: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, etc. The cosmetic bag is a compact, mascara, lipstick and gloss and a few neutral shade of shadow.
Sorry for getting your hopes all up, but keep an eye out for this bonus in the future. There will be lots of perks available with Christmas just around the corner.
Visit here and here for my previous Clinique bonus-time gift.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Word on the Street

Belk is currently offering a Clinique bonus. I'll be swining by before bunco this evening to check it out. Let me know if you're local department store is having bonuses. This time of the year several cosmetic counters offer freebies with purchase. Go check them out before they're all gobbled up by Thanksgiving. (Get it? Gobbled? Oh har har!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Bargainista Must--Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet manners, obedience, and training classes are a bargain at any cost (almost).

First and foremost The Bargainista believes in and preaches responsible pet ownership. Even the kindest and most gentle animal may still react negatively or defensively in certain situations. Basic classes to instruct the humans on how to best interact with the animal and guide the animal during such situations are a must.

As an added bonus, the animal responding to and obeying commands simply makes your life easier and less frustrating when dealing with the animal. If your pet knows manners and obedience and how to properly respond to his human and in his environment, then he will feel more comfortable outside of his environment by following instructions from his human. Animals will feel safer hearing common commands and knowing the expected behavior.

Ok, enough with the jargon, but case in point I have a lovely little pooch. He is attending Pooch Prep Academy for a six week course totalling $110. I checked all of the schools and training classes in our area and found this to be the best deal. I was prepared with a list of questions to ask and felt that Pooch Prep offered the most extensive and best training and especially for the price. The instructor answered above and beyond my questions which gave me the best feeling about her classes.

By checking out all options in your area, you too can find the "best bang for your buck" in pet training. There are often discounts for more than one animal and finding coupons or discount offers is relatively simple. If the human is a good student and pays close attention, classes for future animals may not be necessary as you can simply work hard to do it at home on your own. Here's a pic of The Bargainista Pooch as his Prep School Class last night. What a little scholar!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party Dress at Target (plus much more!)

Of course I bring you good tidings of great Target shopping.

I made a quick run there after my meeting and found this darling little Isaac Mizrahi dress for only $9.98! They were too big for me (that's fun to say) but I plan on scoping out a few other area Targets to find my size. This is so cute as a party dress with strappy sandals, as a dressed-up frock with boots and a cardigan, or even as a ladies-who-lunch dress with ballet flats and a tote. Retail is $39.99 and I had a friend who (shutter!) paid that last summer.

Target also has an entire collection of long sleeve shirts discounted 3o% to $6.98. They had several different colors and styles such as crew neck, v-neck, or scoop neck (shown). I think I'll go back for the orange and the berry. I'm partial to Gap brand favorite t's, but these seem to be great quality. Precious little polos for (get this!) $2.98! Yes, I said $2.98. This chocolate brown was my favorite. Could be cute with long sleeve tee under it and these shoes. Unfortunately I don't really care for how I look in polos, so I did not purchase. However for $2.98, the debate is still out.
There was also a variety of trousers, pants, sweats, and workout and lounge type clothing but I didn't have time to go through all of it. There were several rounders 30%-75% discounted.

So Go! RUN, don't walk to your nearest Target now. Now, now, now!

L.L Bean Vest

This weekend Mr. Bargainista found a fabulous L.L. Bean vest at our favorite little thrift store for a mere $7.99 and it was brand new! Plus, the thirft store is continuously giving register discounts for little games (probably because they get so much volume in donations they like to keep the stock moving) so he recieved an extra 25% discount.

I've not wrangled him down for a picture, but the vest looks much like this one (retail $59!) and is green and gray. What a fabulous deal for my casual, outdoor-loving, and handsome husband!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bargain Bags

Here are a few of my favorite designer purses (Gucci, Kate Spade, and Burberry) bought at a consignment store and a consignment sale for an itsy-bitsy fraction of what the bags originally cost. They were bought at different times and at two different sales.

I'm not one to get caught up in trends and prefer a classic look, and these bags fit the bill. They're cute, roomy, stylish, and I get tons of compliments about them.

Never underestimate consignment stores and consignment sales. It's best to shop often so you can find the best items. Most consignment stores have a quality check so you're not looking at junk, but quality-used items.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kitchen Cart

J and I had ogled this kitchen cart at Home Depot for awhile now. We wanted a small island type cart for extra storage and prep work. This weekend it was on clearance for 30% off. (To me thirty percent isn't clearance, it's a sale. But it was also the next to last one left). J quickly snatched it up for the bargain price of $70. Not too shabby, all things considered. The drawer pulls out to be a tray. A cutting board slides in the top as well, it has wheels that lock, and my JL cookbooks look oh-so-cute on the shelf. I'm also thinking a big bowl of fruit to make it pretty on the top when we have guests or as a cheese station for entertaining.

To add to the great bargain, we didn't pay anything for it because we still have wedding gift cards (nearly 2 years later). We hadn't used them since the summer when we added to our wrought iron patio furniture by getting a glider and chaise lounger.

A bargain and a gift card--that's a good day!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Silver Serving Tray

My husband and I frequented our favorite thrift store on Saturday morning, as we often do. We often enjoy browsing, yet buy nothing. However we've also found some great items. This weekend I found a fabulous item.
This silver serving tray has little pedastal feet, scalloped edging, and a lovely engraved design. And to make it even better, it was engraved on the back 7-31-72. I love old things so to learn that this beautiful thing is 35 years old was rather exciting. Bargain priced at only $4.99 I scooped it right up.
It will be nice for serving finger sandwiches or cupcakes as well as crackers, grapes, and cheese. I also thought about putting a topiary in the middle surrounded by red glass Christmas ornaments for a festive and fancy Christmas centerpiece. The same can be done with a topiary and fancy Easter eggs (no plastic--this is afterall silver!!!).

Friday, November 2, 2007

Patience is a virtue, especially in shoe shopping!

Remember the cute brown moc shoes I was coveting? I decided to go check them out once again armed with a coupon. I was oh-so-pleasently surprised to find them on clearance for $8! That's 60% off. I snatched them up and wore them out of the store:

These will look super cute with jeans and an orange sweater for tailgating this weekend!