Thursday, October 11, 2007

Free Three-Step Face Collections from Clinique

The Clinique counter at my local Belk store is giving away FREE mini three-step skin collections. You just stop by the counter, tell them you want to try the three-step skin collections and they give you a soap, clarifying lotion, and moisturizer based on your skin type. I suppose I cheated since I already use their stuff but was excited to get the mini version for my travel bag.

Visit your local Clinique counter and see if they promotion applies there as well, if not, then ask when they will have such a promotion, the sales ladys will usually tell you. Plus, in my experience with Clinique, if you're looking to try before you buy, they may have a couple things to pass along to you anyway, even if it's not an advertised promotion. For example, I always (always!) ask for a mini perfume when I purchase anything there. I tell them I'm a regular Clinique user and I like to the small sizes for my travel bag, purse, etc. and they most always find one for me. When I made my last purchase, the sweet counter girl gave me the display sample--hey, I'll take it!

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