Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deals at Target for $4.98 each

I hit the mother load at Target recently. Over a the past several weeks I've found great deals on items that I'm using daily!

Sleepshirt: $4.98
Mine is pink striped and it just might get a monogram.
Robe: $4.98
I got the navy color shown and it has white polka dots on the inside! So cute! It of course is monogrammed. I definately didn't need another robe but mine are all terrycloth and rather thick and fluffy. This is thinner and in a super soft cotton. I wear it daily!
Hoodie: $4.98
I have the lavendar color shown, and also bought a pink one and white one that are fleece lined. The lavendar is a "springy" type hoodie and is just cotton. They're all the C9 by Champion and I love that brand of work out and casual/lounge clothing. All three have a little pocket built in to hold my ipod. Isn't that clever? You can't see it but it's in the seam above the hand pockets. They're all waiting to be monogrammed. The white one will look oh so ready for the beach with a nice khaki monogram.
Yoga Pants: $4.98
I live in yoga pants and the C9 are my favorite. And believe me, I've tried plenty. These are the perfect fitted and flattering cut and I wear them all the time. This is my third pair of this type. I'm a bit nuts about them. I also bought the C9 brand in a yoga pant that are shiny and spandexy more than cotton. They were (gasp!) $7.98 but look cute with my new pink sneakers and polka dot laces. You know, the important things in life.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Missions Yard Sale

This past Saturday was the giant Missions Yard Sale at a local church where we used to attend. It, of course, was fabulous! I've pulled stock images of the loot we scored because I'm a bit lazy to take pictures and it's mostly been put away or is at the cleaners.

Without further adeiu:

Scout Bag

I've been coveting one of these fine little ditties. The regular price for the large "dean-o" bag is $45. I paid only $6 and it's NEW WITH TAGS! I love the color combo and I'm glad I found it at a sale because I'd have went with the pink and green in the same print. It forced me to branch out and I really enjoy it. I'm going to use this toting items in the trunk of my car and to put smaller reusable shopping bags in for carrying in one trip. It will also be a great pool/beach/lake bag come summer. I could even use it as an overnight or weekend bag.

Ralph Lauren Linen Skirt and it's PINK! So cute for summer. I'm going to wear it with a white shirt and pink kitten heels, or a brown tank top and flip flops. I also have a pink and black printed shirt to match it with black or pink strappy shoes. I think the orignal price is $49-$69. I paid $5. It appears to have never been worn or taken really good care of if it was.

Blue and black The North Face Denali fleece jacket. This jacket is currently retailing for $175 at Nordstrom and a few outdoors stores in town. I paid only $8. That's EIGHT DOLLARS! Whew I feel faint! It was a great find for Bargainista Teen. He loves it and we'll more than get our eight dollars out of it.

Cabela's Fly Tying Kit $2. Yes, two dollars. It retails in the catalog for $80. Mr. Bargainista admits that it may not get used quickly, or at all, but "it's so cool." You better believe I'm sending his bum fly fishing!

Other items include:
-a two piece black suit for Mr. Bargainista. It was $2. TWO DOLLARS! All suits were marked $2. Most were very old and very unstylish but this one was rather nice. If there is one thing Mr. Bargainista doesn't need it's a suit but for $2 we can have an extra black one in the closet. It's currently at the cleaners.
-Striped Polo shirt for Mr. Bargainista. Brand new with tags and was only $1. ONE DOLLAR! Mr . Bargainista has weeded through several polo shirts that have shown great wear so that he always looks his best for work, etc. so this was nearly a necessary purchase. Of course Polo shirts are normally $50-$75 so cha-ching for the $1 and being BRAND NEW WITH TAGS!
-Ann Taylor skirt for me. Oh my it's so cute! It's turquoise with a lime-ish design on it and little beads accenting the design and bottom hem. I'll dress it up and down. It's so flowy and cool for summer. I recall seeing it in The Loft for $59. I paid only $3! It was in fabulous condition with no signs of wear.
-White House Black Market strapless dress. It's way cute! White with a black flower motif and a black band around the empire waist as well as the top trim. It will be great for when I host bunco in June. Retail on these dresses is usually $70-$90 but this was ONLY $5. WOW!
All in all we spent less than $40 at the sale and that includes coffee.

The Bargainista Sale

(Note: This post is from March 10. I lost the card with all of my pictures of the sale and was dawdling hoping I'd find it. I've not yet but hopefully by posting this it will surely turn up. It's that how Murphy's Law works? Anyway I found stock photos for a few items but I know I can't remember them all. I was banking on the pictures to help me!)

My Ladies League has a large rummage sale every year. By large I mean in a 100,000 warehouse. That's large! I love working the event but I love shopping it even more! Oh the goodies I found!

New in package Stila Lipglosses $4. The were for sure brand new because Stila's are twist up and the product comes out the brush so it's visible when it's been used. So ahem!

Rachel Ray cookbook $2. I love RR cookbooks and I actually didn't have this one.

Philosophy Margarita 3 in 1 wash. I LOVE philosophy products. This was a full 20 oz. container and margarita scent is so refreshing. It clings to my hair pretty well. I can catch little sniffs of it all day.

White Pottery Barn Shelf $6. Only $6 can you believe that? So cute!

Banana Republic Sweater (Bargainista Teens is in brown but exact same style) $5.

Striped Polo (Ralph Lauren) shirts $3. BT got a few of these.

White hemstitch linen napkins $3 for set of six.

Two wrough iron nesting patio tables $10 for both. They match our patio furniture and are great side tables to set a beer or your s'mores goodies.

Two urn style vase planters $1 each.

Loads of Closet Maid shelves $12. We are giving BT a new organizing system in his closet and finding these was pure gold! We have far more than we need so now I'm plotting what other closets may needs a little more of something-something. But Shh...don't tell Mr. B.

Game Set in a cherry wood box $3. It includes two decks of cards, three types of dice, and poker chips. It looks SO elegant and classy. It will be great to set out at our next dinner party for a little game.

Balderdash (game) $1.

Wooden Letters $2 each. These are large custom painted letters. I got a few for the house and a few for gifts.

Clark's Wallaby Shoes for BT. Only $8. They were dirty on the bottom but otherwise no signs of use.

BT also got a few random t-shirts he thougth were "cool" for about $1 each.

I know there were more items but they're currently lost on me. Surely the memory card will turn up now that I've posted. I certainly hope so because I had several other pictures on there I needed as well.