Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bargainista Sale

(Note: This post is from March 10. I lost the card with all of my pictures of the sale and was dawdling hoping I'd find it. I've not yet but hopefully by posting this it will surely turn up. It's that how Murphy's Law works? Anyway I found stock photos for a few items but I know I can't remember them all. I was banking on the pictures to help me!)

My Ladies League has a large rummage sale every year. By large I mean in a 100,000 warehouse. That's large! I love working the event but I love shopping it even more! Oh the goodies I found!

New in package Stila Lipglosses $4. The were for sure brand new because Stila's are twist up and the product comes out the brush so it's visible when it's been used. So ahem!

Rachel Ray cookbook $2. I love RR cookbooks and I actually didn't have this one.

Philosophy Margarita 3 in 1 wash. I LOVE philosophy products. This was a full 20 oz. container and margarita scent is so refreshing. It clings to my hair pretty well. I can catch little sniffs of it all day.

White Pottery Barn Shelf $6. Only $6 can you believe that? So cute!

Banana Republic Sweater (Bargainista Teens is in brown but exact same style) $5.

Striped Polo (Ralph Lauren) shirts $3. BT got a few of these.

White hemstitch linen napkins $3 for set of six.

Two wrough iron nesting patio tables $10 for both. They match our patio furniture and are great side tables to set a beer or your s'mores goodies.

Two urn style vase planters $1 each.

Loads of Closet Maid shelves $12. We are giving BT a new organizing system in his closet and finding these was pure gold! We have far more than we need so now I'm plotting what other closets may needs a little more of something-something. But Shh...don't tell Mr. B.

Game Set in a cherry wood box $3. It includes two decks of cards, three types of dice, and poker chips. It looks SO elegant and classy. It will be great to set out at our next dinner party for a little game.

Balderdash (game) $1.

Wooden Letters $2 each. These are large custom painted letters. I got a few for the house and a few for gifts.

Clark's Wallaby Shoes for BT. Only $8. They were dirty on the bottom but otherwise no signs of use.

BT also got a few random t-shirts he thougth were "cool" for about $1 each.

I know there were more items but they're currently lost on me. Surely the memory card will turn up now that I've posted. I certainly hope so because I had several other pictures on there I needed as well.

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