Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deals from the Outlet

I hit a couple of great oulets last week. It was none other than my own personal Mecca(s) of The Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma!

In addtion to everything being outlet priced it was all on sale for an additional discount (30-75%) and I had a 40% off total order coupon.


First Up: Williams Sonoma

Fresh springy pink and green towels

Towels: $8 for four pack

Washclothes: $6 for four pack

Potholders: $4

Oven Mitts (it actually matches potholder above): $4

Apron: $12 (can't wait to monogram this!)

Cuisineart Rice Cooker: $22

Mini muffin pan: $8

In addtion to the above I also got:

Over the sink mesh collander with cutting board side: $9

(It's the neatest thing! It spreads out to stablize over the sink, a cutting board is clipped on half so I can cut and chop, then slide and rinse. HOW did I live without this?)

Lemon Meyer room spray: $2

Lemon Meyer dish detergent: $2/box (4 boxes!)

Hamburger Seasoning: $3

Magic Dust Meat Seasoning $4

Natural PB: $2/jar (4 jars!)

Assortment of wisks and silicone spatulas: $2-$5 (I bought a handful of these)

I THINK that was it.

Next: Pottery Barn

Remember my dishes? I purchased two complete sets and an extra bowl and mug for around $13. They were a super deal! They are clearancing out the selection so I had to strike while I could!

Colby Watchbox and Charging Station: $13 and $18 respectively. These are for Mr. Bargainista. He has the monogrammed colby valet already and these look nice on the dresser. He loves leather.

Toile Panels: $18/ea (2 of these in lavender)

Lavendar polka dot reversible duvet: $22 (twin sized)

Lavender ric rac pillow cases: $8

Matine Toile Bedskirt and Shams: $24 and $25/set of two. Both in Ink Blue.

Varsity backpack in orange: $8

Fairfax lunchbox in pink: $5

And this is the kicker!

Architect sconce wall lamp. Original price: $179. After all of the mark downs I paid (drum roll please......) $9. Nine dollars!

I also helped my friend Reese score a great 9x12 area rug for a bargain. The original price was $1200. She paid only $278! We finangled it into her little sports car and set it all up to see if her husband noticed when he got home.

Safe to say he did! :)

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