Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deals at Target for $4.98 each

I hit the mother load at Target recently. Over a the past several weeks I've found great deals on items that I'm using daily!

Sleepshirt: $4.98
Mine is pink striped and it just might get a monogram.
Robe: $4.98
I got the navy color shown and it has white polka dots on the inside! So cute! It of course is monogrammed. I definately didn't need another robe but mine are all terrycloth and rather thick and fluffy. This is thinner and in a super soft cotton. I wear it daily!
Hoodie: $4.98
I have the lavendar color shown, and also bought a pink one and white one that are fleece lined. The lavendar is a "springy" type hoodie and is just cotton. They're all the C9 by Champion and I love that brand of work out and casual/lounge clothing. All three have a little pocket built in to hold my ipod. Isn't that clever? You can't see it but it's in the seam above the hand pockets. They're all waiting to be monogrammed. The white one will look oh so ready for the beach with a nice khaki monogram.
Yoga Pants: $4.98
I live in yoga pants and the C9 are my favorite. And believe me, I've tried plenty. These are the perfect fitted and flattering cut and I wear them all the time. This is my third pair of this type. I'm a bit nuts about them. I also bought the C9 brand in a yoga pant that are shiny and spandexy more than cotton. They were (gasp!) $7.98 but look cute with my new pink sneakers and polka dot laces. You know, the important things in life.

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