Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Bargainista Must--Responsible Pet Ownership

Pet manners, obedience, and training classes are a bargain at any cost (almost).

First and foremost The Bargainista believes in and preaches responsible pet ownership. Even the kindest and most gentle animal may still react negatively or defensively in certain situations. Basic classes to instruct the humans on how to best interact with the animal and guide the animal during such situations are a must.

As an added bonus, the animal responding to and obeying commands simply makes your life easier and less frustrating when dealing with the animal. If your pet knows manners and obedience and how to properly respond to his human and in his environment, then he will feel more comfortable outside of his environment by following instructions from his human. Animals will feel safer hearing common commands and knowing the expected behavior.

Ok, enough with the jargon, but case in point I have a lovely little pooch. He is attending Pooch Prep Academy for a six week course totalling $110. I checked all of the schools and training classes in our area and found this to be the best deal. I was prepared with a list of questions to ask and felt that Pooch Prep offered the most extensive and best training and especially for the price. The instructor answered above and beyond my questions which gave me the best feeling about her classes.

By checking out all options in your area, you too can find the "best bang for your buck" in pet training. There are often discounts for more than one animal and finding coupons or discount offers is relatively simple. If the human is a good student and pays close attention, classes for future animals may not be necessary as you can simply work hard to do it at home on your own. Here's a pic of The Bargainista Pooch as his Prep School Class last night. What a little scholar!

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