Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Kitchen Cart

J and I had ogled this kitchen cart at Home Depot for awhile now. We wanted a small island type cart for extra storage and prep work. This weekend it was on clearance for 30% off. (To me thirty percent isn't clearance, it's a sale. But it was also the next to last one left). J quickly snatched it up for the bargain price of $70. Not too shabby, all things considered. The drawer pulls out to be a tray. A cutting board slides in the top as well, it has wheels that lock, and my JL cookbooks look oh-so-cute on the shelf. I'm also thinking a big bowl of fruit to make it pretty on the top when we have guests or as a cheese station for entertaining.

To add to the great bargain, we didn't pay anything for it because we still have wedding gift cards (nearly 2 years later). We hadn't used them since the summer when we added to our wrought iron patio furniture by getting a glider and chaise lounger.

A bargain and a gift card--that's a good day!


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Love it! Nathan and I have thought about getting something like that for our kitchen.