Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clinique Bonus at Belk

Get a great Clinique bonus from your Belk department store when you spend just $21.50. I purchased a perfectly real compact. I was hoping to minimize my morning routine of liquid make-up followed by powder and this compact does just that. For dressier occasions you may still want to do both, but this will be perfect for summer when my skin has more of a glow.

The gift is a great bag, white with large lime green polka dots. It will definately be monogrammed, either in black, pink, turquoise or brown. Inside you get a loose powder that is purse sized. The patter on the outside is that of the bag, super cute. It also comes with a large puff for application. A mild liquid soap face wash, take of the day make-up remover, mascara, and lipstick in sugared maple are all included. I love all fo these products. the small face wash and mascara are perfect for my travel bag. I have a small version of the lipstick so I can now put it in my purse and use the larger in my morning make-up bag.

I do love free gifts, but I don't purchase to get them unless I need a product, and the free gift is a good one. In this case it was both. This is one of the better free gifts I've seen in quite some time. Hurry, go now!

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