Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ralph Lauren Jacket

I can cross another item off of my shopping list sidebar!

Let me preface this post saying that I've been trying really hard to save some cash because 1) I want a new embroidery machine, 2) I like to save money, 3) I have to find a new "Kentucky Derby" outfit complete with hat for a garden party Mr. Bargainista and I are attending in May, 4) I like to save money, 5) a rainy day fund.

However, I found yet another irresistible bargain. I began searching last fall for an "in-between" type jacket. I have blazers, fleeces, and then big peacoats or parkas. I had imagined a chocolate color, quilted type jacket. What I found was even better (excuse the pics with cell phone):

This little jacket is even better than what I imagined. The khaki color is light enough for spring, but dark enough for fall. I's quilted, has cute details with the bronzed buttons, and a very cute blazer-like tailoring in the back.
This jacket is by Ralph Lauren and the original price was $120, but I paid only $35 (including tax). Nothing feels as good as the high from such a bargain!

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