Monday, March 10, 2008

The Bargainista Sale

This past weekend was The Bargainista Sale hosted by a women's group of which I'm a member. The Bargainista Sale is a big rummage sale inside a huge warehouse. Each member (400 plus of us) is required to donate $150 of item to the sale with all money raised being poured into the many community activities we champion.

Coming up with $150 of items to donate can be a challenge, but it's a good spring clean and makes room for more bargains! Look below at the fabulous finds I was able to score.

First, I got two L.L. Bean bags for fifty cents each. Wow! You know how The Bargainista loves L.L. Bean. Both bags were monogrammed which I'm sure contributed to the super low price. However I took my seamripper to it and then re-monogrammed it for me! LMB is for Little Miss Bargainista, of course!

The above is a deluxe toiletry bag suitable for families, it's the XL size. I have the same item in medium and the magenta pink. I also have a duffle that matches. This is far too large for me a toiletry bag, but the large open center allows it to be a great overnight bag. There are lots of little mesh pockets to hold my goodies. I should have taken a pic of the inside but you can see it here.

Above is on of L.L. Beans Boat and Tote bags. I just love these bags! I have a medium (above) in pink but with the long handles. I also have an xl with hot pink and the zippered top, it's a great luggage tote (because I don't have enough of those, ahem!). Now, I have this chic black version. I considered doing a fun color monogram but thought the black would keep it classic. I have a matching polka dot ribbon and I may make an attachable bow to give it a cute factor on occasion. I could tell this bag was brand new because it was spotless and had never been washed. These bags are super stiff and once washed get a little more plyable. Isn't the monogram font I used cute?

Books, books, and more books! I purchased ten paperbacks for a dollar each. I never pay full price for books as I read far to quickly for that. I pick them up at resales and the used book store. I'd already put them away but there in these two drawers, where I keep my working collection stashed in my studio. Once I read a book I put in in a stack to resale or pass along.

Last but no least is this beautiful, gorgeous, fabulous piece pictures below. It's an adorable little teacart with a dark cherry finish and matches the coffee table (which also has tray sides and was purchased at a thrift store. This piece will be great for entertaining: a dessert cart, a wine and cheese bar, for (go figure!) serving tea, or also as a mini bar. I can just see bottles and an ice bucket on the bottom with glasses and garnishes on the top. I adore this piece!

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