Thursday, August 23, 2007

Less Than Thirty-Five Dollars

See this picture?

Everything in it was LESS THAN thirty five dollars! (I hate that the pictures isn't better, but I was pressed for time and couldn't do the individual items.) Good grief I know that is nearly impossible, however I hit the mega-sale at a little shop at The Pinnacle. I was so excited to find some great summer items for my vacation next week. The majority of my summer wardrobe is work appropriate. I don't purchase a lot of items I call "weekend wear" which means I couldn't dress them up in someway for the office. I was thrilled to find some tanks and dresses that would be great for our cruise vacation, but wouldn't break the bank since I won't get to wear them often. However, I did score a few bonus items that I can wear often with several outfits in a variety of settings (work, church, dinner, summer parties, football games, etc.)

The items are hard to see, so let me explain:

  • Brown short-sleeved, three button cropped cardigan. It's really lightweight and great to dress up camis and tanks for the office.
  • White short-sleeved, three button cropped cardigan. This will be supercute over summer dresses in the office, and also in church. Although my church is pretty laid back, I personally cannot wear strapless attire.
  • Hot pink cotton mini-dress. It has tank straps with button closes and a little ruffle at the bottom. This is going be my swimsuit cover on vacation. And it just might find itself monogrammed.
  • Smocked tube dress, retro-style. It's the white with brown and green dots and big brown tie. Isn't it cute? the top is completely smocked and the bottom flows out a little above the knee. It looked great with my brown leather flip flops and wood and gold accessories. I thought this would be good for a little vacation sight-seeing. (I hate feeling like the frumpy tourist in shorts, t-shirt, sneackers, and fanny-pack! Plus, I want to be cute in the pictures we take!)
  • Smocked-back strapless shirt. This is the blue plaid with pink, white, and a little gold. It's so cute! I like it with capris, with jeans, with a little skirt, and also with trousers. Although it ties around the back, I can wear one of the little cardigans with it because they're cropped. The smocked back is a cute detail if you pull your hair up.
  • Pink on pink polka dot tube top. Just as the name says, that's what it is. It's a light cotton tunic style so it's a little long, which is the style I prefer. However you can stretch or pull to a variety of flattering lengths. It looks great with all of the items mentioned for the above tube top as well. I'm thinking this fall it will be cute brown trousers or jeans and the brown cardigan.
  • Pink purse. Totally pleather but so cute! It looks very Autumn rather than Summer clearance so I'm wondering if it was mis-priced. I should have picked up a few for gifts! I love the rouching detail around the handles.
  • Ribbed Tanks: I purchased a hot pink with light pink stripes, turquoise with teal stripes, solid teal, and then a slightly different version with lace embellishment that is turquoise stripes with turquoise lace. I can mix and match these together and add other tanks as well for tons of looks.


Kas said...

I. LOVE. IT. You totally rock Mrs. M!
Congrats on the great vaca finds!

Rusti said...

I need a Pinacle near me!! :) You're FAB!

JayJenny said...

That is amazing. You're amazing!

.: HappyGirl :. said...

That is some kind of shopping! I wish I could find sales like that!!

You really are amazing!

The Robbins Nest said...

holy cow! you are shopper after my own heart!

Robin said...

This is awesome!! You rock...seriously. :0)

Michelle said...

I can't believe that you go all that for less than $35!! You are the Queen of Shopping!!

RJ said...

You have been recommended by Alicia (the-flynns), I posted about needing a personal shopper and your name came up. ;) Are you for hire? haha j/k. =)

Have a lovely day!