Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rusti's Outlet Bargains

My darling friend and blogger Rusti hit the outlet malls and found lots of goodies!

The white & chocolate brown shorts are from the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store - they were 50% off - $14.99 each! The khaki bermuda's and the capri dress pants were at the Old Navy outlet - 30% off - the shorts were $13.99 the capri's were $17.49!

I love the chocolate brown shorts and the khaki bermudas. The thing I love about shorts and capris is as fall approaches they are cute and fun to wear with long sleeves and ballet flats. I also enjoy shorts with a jacket or hoodies and sneakers.

1 comment:

Rusti said...

Ah yes, I love being reminded of those deals... I haven't worn either of the Tommy shorts yet, but the Old Navy buys - NICE... :) I'm wearing the khaki bermudas right now in fact :)