Wednesday, October 3, 2007


There have been a great deal of past due updates finally put up. Scroll through and look at the new goodies. See especially Rusti's Outlet Bargains (Sept. 6) and Jenny's Ebay Bargain (Sept. 21) and don't forget to leave all your good home bargain spotting for Jenny! Email me so I can put it up (quicker than I have been--really!).

Also, see the Currently Shopping For section to the right? I'm going to make that a community list too. So, if there is something you're currently looking for send it over. I'll post it with your name beside it and if other bargain hunters have a spotting or knowledge of said item--we can post it here.

Geesh Internet, I'm getting all sweaty over here thinking about all this bargain-shopping love!

1 comment:

JayJenny said...

Awww, thanks so much for looking out for me!! And send those home bargains my way...