Thursday, January 3, 2008

Outlet Shopping: The Mothership

Mr. Bargainista and I took a juant to visit friends over the long New Year's weekend and while we were there took a pilgrimage to visit the mothership. The mothership that is the Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma outlet. (No I'm not getting paid to say the names, but I'll write them out in case the google me and want to reward me of my love with lots of goodies. You know, just in case.)

Best Deal Ever at the Pottery Barn:

Orignal Price: $1499
Our Price: $450

This lovely armoire now graces our den! I convinced Mr. Bargainista just had to have it! There was a great sale and this great discounts and the more great markdowns that allowed us to afford this fabulous piece.

Other Pottery Barn goodies I found include some wonderful storage for my studio. I bought a few of these very sturdy canves boxes to fit on the shelf in the closet and to keep small items organized and easy to find.

Original Price: $24.99

Outlet Price: $16.99

My Price: $4.99

I also have some natural color canvest storage bins I purchased from there last summer (shown below). They were a mere $6.99 each and are great for storing patterns, my iron, etc.

In keeping up with storage I purchased a few magazine files to match the boxes. These will help me keep up with customers and orders as well as organizing information for a few organiaztions I'm a member of.

Original Price: $24.99
Outlet Price: $16.99
My Price: $4.99
I also purchased a few fabulous items of Christmas decor, but didn't get a picture before they were stored. But let it be said that the items were 60% plus 40% discounted!
Next, we were on to Williams-Sonoma, full of a gabazillion discounts and markdowns as well. We found another fabulous deal-of-the-year type bargain!

Retail Price: $249 (I think)

Outlet Price: $189

My Price: $88

This fabulous CuisineArt (Hi CuisineArt people! Send me free stuff!), non-stick, stainless steel cookware is a dream! Mr. Bargainist and I had wanted it for some time but just couldn't bite the bullet for the price. Patience paid off and we didn't have to! Just look at the numbers! It is by far the most fabulous cookware ever. EV-ER! (My apologies for the poor picture).

Other great finds at Williams-Sonoma included a large pack of bar towels ($6), bar clothes (4.50), and a soap and lotion for my little sink caddy ($3.25 each).

Mr. Bargainista found an adorable little loaf pan that is 6 loaves of cars! He had to have it ($8) and I suppose I'll be make banana bread those goes Vroom! Vroom! very soon.

And how about this cute little milk bottle:


It was only $3.50 and is cute-as-can-be. You can't see the impression on it but there is a cow on one side and a "100% Pure Milk" on the other. When entertaining and serving it looks much nicer than the big plastic jug of milk. It's perfect to sit out with cold cereals or blueberry bread cars (see above!), or guests or to have on table during brunch. I only wish I could actually have this filled and re-filled at a farm store.
Thank you for a fabulous day my mothership!

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