Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Go! Go now!

The above link is for the Apple Store for REFURBED ipods! (You can get refurbed Macs too) Refurbed apples come with a full one year warranty, new earbuds, and a new battery. ALL for a great price. Our family is completely nano-ed out.

I have the last generation (third?) and I have for a while (the pretty green one). I do love my ipod. It's much more seemless than an MP3 player....or so I think. Probably because everyone else in my house is all ipod-ed out so it's much easier on me and our itunes library.

The only downfall is they can't be engraved.....if that's what you want. You can take it to be engraved on your own though.

You can get shuffles for only $39. (I think I might need one to clip on my for when I think?).

The latest generation 8G nano for only $129 and the 16G for only $169.

First generation itouch for $159 and second for $199.

Classics for only $209. This surely tempts me! I have an 8G and I've not filled it yet....but when I do I think a classic may be in order. I'd like a 160G. A bit over the top I know but I'd love to have ALL my music on that little device and to be able to keep adding.

Oh apple how I love thee!

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