Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ipod Accessories

I've found great deals the past few months on ipod accessories.

First, silicone cases. I've found two sets of three for only $3. You can often find such goodies at TJ Maxx and Ross.

I found leather ipod cases at Circuit City while it was going out of business. Regular price $15, our price was $2.70. I got a pink for me, black for Mr. Bargainista, and a silver for Bargainista Teen.

Everyone with an ipod needs an FM transmitter converter, that is if you don't have an axillary jack in your car. This was only $7.99 at Rugged Wearhouse. We have one for both cars and will have to get one for Bargainista Teens truck when he starts driving this summer. On second thought....maybe we should keep him with fewer distractions!

The downside of these is you may have to change stations to find a blank frequency on road trips. However it's worth the small hassle to have your ipod tunes. It will be imperative that my next car have an axillary jack. I simply can't have a car without a sunroof and now I've decided I must have an axillary jack too!

I've saved the best for last! I'd been wanting an under cabinet ihome for the kitchen. I dreamt of all the footloose style dancing I could do while baking brownies. It really is the little things in life you know!

Knowing how expensive they are ($150-$200) I didn't bother looking and thought it could be a birthday present eventually (which is um, November). I was aimlessly shopping with a friend for organizations items and inspiration for HER new bathroom. We were checking out the clearance tables and THERE. IT. WAS!

An under cabinet iHome! I didn't get my hopes up for fear that the price would STILL be out of my range.

But oh no my friends.

It was marked down to $50. Fifty dollars!

Oh wait gets better.

I had a coupon (of course!) for an extra 20% off.

My total was $37.50 plus tax.

WHAT A DEAL! I was so excited. My husband knew how excited I was and immediately installed this fancy pants little item.

I'm not sure why it was marked down but it was brand new in the box with the styrofoam still all taped up. It can fit any size ipod and even has a little connector on the bottom for shuffles. You can connect your ipod then put the little hang down thingy back inside. Isn't that neat? OH OH OH...and it came with a remote--a magnetic remote control so it sticks on the side of my fridge.

Nifty I tell ya!

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