Monday, January 14, 2008

Cute Must-Haves

Mrs. Bargainista and I are putting finishing a third bathroom in our home. We had money on a gift card and went to Marshall's to look for a new shower curtain. We didn't have a shower curtain, but did find other items we'd never pay retail for!

First are these very charming and rustic frames:


We'd first saw similar items on our honeymoon. They were in a quaint little shop on one of the items and sold for $60-80. I took pictures of all the cute items in case I could ever recreate them and also to remind me I would find them for a better deal! I'm sure these aren't the handcrafted luxury that the items from the shop were, but they are great all the same. The larger frame was $12.99 and the smaller was $8.99. These will most likely go in the master bedroom. We found old windows and shutters at an estate sale quite some time ago and this will tie the whole look together.

Next I found these ceramic, wipe-off place holders/labelers:

I first saw these through another blog and found them adorable. I love to entertain and what a cute little touch this would be (I'm all about the details!). I'd found them only to be $20 for a pack of four. I paid $6.99 for a pack of four and bought both packs they had. I'd have probably got a third one if it was available. You write on these with a marker but it comes clean with soap and water to use and re-use.

How cute will it look when I serve brunch of car bread with my milk in a glass bottle?

(In case you didn't know, Marshall's is part of the T.J. Maxx chain that includes Ross and Homegoods as well. If you have any of these stores near you, you may be able to find the above items.)

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